Chris Hedges Interviews the Directors of “Another Vision: Inside Haiti’s Uprising”

Produced by Haiti Liberté with Uncaptured Media


On Apr. 14, 2023, celebrated journalist Chris Hedges interviewed the directors of the new documentary series “Another Vision: Inside Haiti’s Uprising” on The Real News Network (TRNN).

Haiti has been thrown into political turmoil since the 2021 assassination of Jovenal Moïse, which has left the nation without a formerly elected leader. The current acting head of state, Ariel Henry, was appointed by the US-led “Core Group” of foreign occupying nations. Henry has been the target of major protests throughout his tenure. However, international media has largely focused instead on the problem of “gang violence” in Haiti, with Henry’s government citing the issue to call for international military intervention.

Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier has been placed in the global spotlight as an emblem of Haiti’s purported “gang problem.” But who is Chérizier really? A new documentary series, Another Vision: Inside Haiti’s Uprising, offers a different view of Chérizier—not as the leader of a criminal enterprise, but as a political figure leading an armed revolutionary movement. Directors Dan Cohen and Kim Ives join The Chris Hedges Report to discuss their new project.

The transcript to the interview can be found here on the TRNN website.

Dan Cohen is a journalist and co-producer of the documentary Killing Gaza. He is currently the Washington DC correspondent for Behind The Headlines and MintPress News.

Kim Ives is an investigative journalist and English-language editor at Haïti Liberté.



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