Rally to Support Julian Assange with Haiti Liberté, Chris Hedges, Roger Waters, Aaron Mate, Randy Credico, and John and Gabriel Shipton

June 10, 2021 at the People’s Forum in NYC


On Thu., Jun. 10, 2021, Stand With Assange New York held a meeting at the People’s Forum in Manhattan, New York with Jocelyn Gay of Haiti Liberté, journalist Chris Hedges, Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters, journalist Aaron Mate, comedian and radio host Randy Credico, and the half-brother and father of Julian Assange, John and Gabriel Shipton.

The Shiptons are arriving in the US from Australia to conduct a month long, country-wide speaking tour in their ongoing battle to save Julian’s life. They were in New York City for one day only. Introductory remarks were made by satirist and radio host, Randy Credico, journalist and TV host Chris Hedges, journalist at The Grayzone Aaron Mate, and composer, Pink Floyd co-founder and activist, Roger Waters.


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