Haitian Farmer Mobilization to Irrigate Fields Triggers Dominican Government Shut Down of Border, Further Stoking Foreign Intervention Danger

Radio Sputnik’s “The Critical Hour” interviews Kim Ives about canals, dumping, intervention, UN politics, and imperial optics

"The Critical Hour" host Dr. Wilmer Leon (left) and journalist Kim Ives

On Sep. 15, Dr. Wilmer Leon of Radio Sputnik’s “The Critical Hour” interviewed Haïti Liberté journalist Kim Ives about the uprising of farmers in Haiti’s Northeast Department to defend and finish an irrigation canal they are building from the Massacre River, which forms the northeastern border with the neighboring Dominican Republic.
Dominican President Luis Abinader is demanding Haitians stop building the canal to irrigate their fields, although the DR has done the same.
Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council postponed its Sep. 15 discussion and vote on sending foreign troops to Haiti, since the U.S. – the proposal’s prime proponent – fears a veto from Russia or China.


  1. The DR is nothing more than a front for the US and France because they have a large amount of gold reserve that was lost in the surrounding area in question during the colonial era and it is worth some 15 Trillion Dollars. There you have it folks. If you do the math, if the island of Haiti say the population is more than 12 Million people, you can say if this amount of gold is seperate amount ALL Haitian will have over $750,000 each. And people saying Haiti is poor. Really!!!


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