Haïti Liberté Joins Others in NYC Rally for Julian Assange as His Final Appeal is Heard on Feb. 20, 2024


On Feb. 20, 2024, Haïti Liberté journalist Kim Ives joined journalist Margaret Kimberley, actress Susan Sarandon, lawyer Margaret Ratner Kunstler, comedian Randy Credico, activist Marty Goodman, activist Patricia Dahl, podcaster Katie Halper, and the singing group Raging Grannies in a New York rally to support Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange.

The action, organized by NYC Free Assange, Assange Defense, Stand With Assange NY, Assange Countdown to Freedom, CODEPINK, Socialist Action, and UNAC, was held in front of the British Consulate at 47th Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan beginning at noon.

Close to 80 people braved bitter cold to attend the two hour rally.

On Feb. 20 and 21, his lawyers made a final appeal before a British court that he not be extradited to the U.S., where he would face what Margaret Kimberly called “a hanging court” that would surely convict him of espionage charges for carrying out journalism.

If he loses his appeal, his wife, Stella, has said that he “will die.”

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