What to Do When ICE Comes Knocking

ICE officers going to a residence of a suspected undocumented person.

The following is a Fri., Jul. 12 email sent out by BAJI‘s Ben Ndugga-Kabuye <ben@baji.org> to the NYC Black Immigration Network <nyc-bin@googlegroups.com>. It was titled “Be Calm & Defend Your Community.” It concerns the reportedly pending raids to be carried out by the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency or ICE.

We thought it was important to have this information as widely available as possible. Please share it with your network.

Hello Family,

As many of you have heard the Trump administration is planning to follow the American tradition of anti immigrant violence with raids this weekend.

The goal is our fear and we call on all our leaders to stay calm and prepare, remembering we have been here before from what has happened to African Americans in this country to the countries many of us have immigrated from.

Here is a condensed summary, compiled by our staff attorney Tsion Gurmu, regarding the upcoming raids and resources to help our communities at this critical time:

  • The basics:
    • See here. Reporting indicates the raids/targeted actions will begin on Sunday. Targets are recent arrivals (last few years) with removal orders, particularly in absentia. Families and potentially aged-out UACs could be targeted, but I think the best information is just that this will focus on people with removal orders. Collateral arrests are expected as well. NY included in the scope of the action; families will likely end up in PA and TX.
    • Good to remember that if they are targeting 2,000 people across the country, this is not a huge amount of people locally. We don’t want to cause undue panic, and efforts are best spent preparing clients/community members who are most at risk. People should know their rights, have an emergency number memorized, and ideally know if they have an existing removal order so that their emergency contact can relay that information to advocates.
  • Communication
    • There is a Raids 2019 listserve that was set up a few weeks ago to coordinate communication between providers who will be deeply involved in the response, CBOs, elected officials, and city and state agencies. This is a place for leadership of multiple different types of institutions to communicate quickly when things begin unfolding, and also to connect attorneys focused on rapid response federal litigation.
    • CARA Pro Bono in Dilley wants to connect with FAMU providers and anyone that has provided/will provide direct rep or services to families docketed in NY who may be transferred to Dilley. They will use this to share daily information regarding raids families that arrive to Dilley, tap local providers for practice pointers, and communicate about separated family members. If you represent individuals/families who are likely to be impacted, please complete this google form so that CARA can reach out to you:
    • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13J6EYz8JU49zmig5jwI5LiI_ovNKtMOk4csAdwwiOQk/edit?usp=sharing
  • Resources/Information
    • Motion to Reopen Training resources:
    • Hotlines
      • To report a raid:
        • IDP: 212-725-6422 (leave a message and it will be returned;is being monitored this weekend) – IDP will also screen for post-order/NYIFUP eligibility and coordinate with other providers
      • For services:
        • ONA (outside NYC): 1-800-566-7636. Typical hours M-F 9-8; open this weekend Saturday/Sunday 9-5
        • ANYC (in NYC): 1-800-354-0365. Typical hours M-F 9-6; open this weekend Saturday/Sunday 9-5
        • Legal Aid: 1-844-955-3425.  Typical hours M-F 9-5; open this weekend Saturday/Sunday 9-5
        • New Sanctuary Coalition: 903-884-HELP/908-791-5309 open this weekend

Thanks everyone! Let’s plan to add to these resources as we become aware of more services that can protect our people.


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