TRT World Interviews Journalist Kim Ives about Threatened Foreign Military Intervention into Haiti


Haïti Libertè journalist and English section editor Kim Ives answers to news anchor Yashini Padayachee of TRT World that the U.S. and Canada, fronted for by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, are trying to organize a “robust” foreign military intervention into Haiti to stop “gang violence,” they claim. But the real reason, Ives argues, is to stop a revolution now germinating in Haiti’s shantytowns, where armed neighborhood committees want to overthrow the Haitian bourgeoisie’s system that has left Haiti’s urban masses mired in poverty, misery, and crime, lacking schools, hospitals, water, sanitation, and electricity.

(Editor’s note: Ives misspoke in his opening sentence when he called de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry the president. Haiti currently has no president, although Henry has been acting like one.)


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