The Embryonic Forms of the Haitian People’s War

Getting Killed in Village de Dieu

Young men from Village de Dieu standing on a disabled armored car of the Haitian police, whose twelve SWAT team members were either wounded or killed on Mar. 12, 2021 in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood.


The Mar. 12, 2021 police operation against Village de Dieu (Village of God) ended in failure. The objective, whatever it may have been, was not achieved, the level of police losses was unacceptable (while the adversary suffered none), and there was a total (and fatal) breakdown in communications between the commander(s) and the executors. Prior reconnaissance was non-existent or unused.

Worse and even more deadly for the troops on the ground, the essential unity of command was conspicuous by its absence.

The Haitian National Police (PNH) High Command had therefore, I regret to say it, learned its trade in Le Petit Albert, Le Grand Albert, and Le Poule Noire [the Little Albert, the Big Albert, or the Black Hen, three French books about magic spells and invocations]. A choice. This is hardly a way of policing.

we are witnessing the emergence of embryonic forms of war from the people, by the people, for the people.

But it’s a great way to send inexperienced young people into the meat grinder. Technically speaking, they went before a firing squad.

I will be accused of extremism. I don’t give a fuck. No one should play with people’s lives like that. Young people, too, with their whole life to live. Every commander should know that he is accountable for the lives of his men (and women) in uniform. If he doesn’t know that, go play dominoes. Or chess, which will teach him to think with his head, instead of with his ass.

Unless this high (and very low) command wanted its troops killed. In the state of galloping collapse and hyper-dollarization, raised to the tenth power by virtue of complete moral degeneracy, where currently there exists only what Duvalierism – paleo and neo – left as institutions for our poor country, and given the multinational imperial domination, multifaceted and, I would say, viral (in the sense of a filtering virus) which suffocates us, the hypothesis does not have some kind of meaning, but a definite meaning.

If there were no cynicism, there would be no thieves.

By striving to do what the Pale Power wants them to do, our subservient government has turned the National Police into an Enemy of the People. From the nation’s point of view, it only deserves a big double crossed Zero. It should be excluded from the draft season because of a playoff score, given to its parents for the necessary follow-up (to be whipped with a belt) …. Break with it, we’ve seen enough!

In this tragedy, the only competent soldiers were… the so-called bandits.

They had the support of the people. The army must be with the people like a fish in water. Who was the warlord who brought out this rare gem? Léon Charles, Jojo, and the rest of their gilt-edged High Staff who have never heard of Sun Tzeu, Mao Zedong, or Vo Nguyen Giap, not to mention our great Jean-Jacques, who always appeared where one did not expect, who won for Toussaint the war in the South, and who so tired out Leclerc’s elite divisions around Port-aux-Crimes that the poor grumblers lay down on the ground, unable to take any more .

They knew the battlefield like the back of their hand, for they fought at home. They had their intelligence service and knew the intentions of their enemy inside out. This one, on the other hand, knew nothing of their intentions nor of the disposition on the ground of their tactical means, and was going blindly, which is the best way to be assassinated.

Police Chief Léon Charles is ultimately responsible for the deaths of the four SWAT policemen in Village de Dieu in March.

They had been able to prepare in advance and set an ambush into which the Police fell head first, who knew nothing or paid no attention, hence the massacre of the young police officers.

As a result, I assert that the government and the police under its command behaved with rare recklessness, extreme stupidity, or the underlying intent to have their own police killed in order to get a few more dollars, in the form of high-tech equipment that will be of no use to it, except to assassinate some civilians under the pretext of the fight against banditry. Obviously, the Pale Power has nothing to do with real banditry, that of Dimitri Vorbe, Réginald Boulos, and other kidnappers, rapists, and those who should be shot at dawn faster than wind under the walls of the Cemetery, as is fitting. We make a business of forgetting our good traditions.

In this lamentable history, Manno Izo was the only valid field commander, regardless of the incompetent and corrupt “in high places” and on the heights, too racist to see what hangs in front of their face. They never heard it said, the poor idiots, that Dessalines could not read, that Toussaint had only limited knowledge, that Pétion had only learned the handling of cannon by carrying a regiment’s basques instead of going to school, nor that Christophe had only been a slave in a hotel, which is not precisely the training of a major general. Nor that the best training for a soldier is to wage war.

Ignorance, ignorance, when you hold us!

What we are witnessing in Haiti right now is the emergence of embryonic forms of war from the people, by the people, for the people. The nation is taking matters into its own hands, settling accounts with those who forbid it to live. Call them “bandits” if you want. Leclerc did call the Native Army “brigands”, which is just another word for the same thing.

Can’t you see it? Or make the life of our people livable? So buy your coffin. In case of misfortune …

New York, April 11, 2021


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