Radio Sputnik’s “The Critical Hour” Interviews Journalist Kim Ives about the UN Security Council Vote to Approve a Non-UN Invasion of Haiti and the Massacre River Canal

Dr. Wilmer Leon (R) and Garland Nixon (L) interviewed journalist Kim Ives on "The Critical Hour."

In their Oct. 4, 2023 podcast, Garland Nixon and Dr. Wilmer Leon of Radio Sputnik’s “The Critical Hour” interviewed Haïti Liberté journalist Kim Ives about the UN Security Council’s 13 out of 15 vote on Oct. 2, 2023 to approve the intervention into Haiti of a non-UN force called the “Multinational Security Support” mission (MSS), to be headed by a force of 1,000 Kenyan policemen. They also discuss the tension in Haiti’s northeast where Haitians are building a canal to take water from the Massacre River.


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