One Dead, Several Injured in Martissant Gang Shootings

A deserted stretch of road running through Martissant. Photo: Radio Métropole

Violent clashes between armed gangs fighting for control over Martissant, in the south of Port-au-Prince, left one bus passenger shot dead and several others wounded, local media reported.

The gunfire was first heard over the weekend of Dec. 3-5 in the Martissant area, witnesses said. The armed gangs continued fighting into the early morning hours of Dec. 6. That’s when passengers in a tap-tap were hit by stray bullets that killed one passenger and wounded several others, local daily Le Nouvelliste reported.

The victims were transported to a hospital in Léogâne, about 26 miles west of Port-au-Prince.

armed men set fire to an abandoned Martissant police station

In a separate incident, armed men set fire to an abandoned Martissant police station in a showdown that was posted live on social media. Police had abandoned the neighborhood after gangs attacked the police station in early June.

The fatal bus shooting is similar to a Dec. 1 gunfight in the Fontamara neighborhood. At least five passengers were killed and a dozen were left injured in a bus attack there, local media Radio Métropole reported.


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