Call to Trade Unions, Popular Organisations, and Political Parties Dedicated to Democracy and the Defense of Human Rights

Davidtchen Siméon Jan. 29, 1993 - Aug. 13, 2016

On Sat., Aug. 13 at 3:30 p.m., in the popular district of Fort National, as he was leaving a meeting of the Movement of Liberty, Equality of the Haitians for Fraternity (Mouvement de Liberté, Égalité des Haïtiens pour la  Fraternité) (MOLEGHAF), a group of armed men cowardly assassinated Davidtchen Siméon, a young 23 years old activist of the popular progressive organization MOLEGHAF, deeply engaged in the fight against the occupying  forces of the UN (MINUSTAH), imperialism and the oppression of workers by transnational capital.

It is important to point out that a few days before this despicable killing, on Wed., Aug. 8 and Thu. Aug. 11, Davidtchen had been violently attacked and threatened by police officers.

The initial reason for these barbaric acts is the that Davidtchen Siméon took a critical position against a project of construction of buildings and a road that the UNOPS, a UN agency, wanted to locate in his neighborhood, and later on he denounced the miserable salary of the workers working on this building.

In fact, everybody knows that, in Haïti under occupation, the implementation of “projects” in popular areas is often performed with the help of thugs so as to intimidate the population.

MOLEGHAF, the organization to which Davidtchen belonged, is known in Haïti for its fight for the defense of the national sovereignty and for the withdrawal of the MINUSTAH from Haïti, without which the MOLEGHAF considers the conditions do not exist for the real exercising of democracy.

But whatever the political opinions on these issues, the assassination of Davidtchen must be condemned in the strongest terms by all those attached to the defense of democracy and the most basic human rights.

This is why, we, the tribune of the conference-debate on the problems of the occupation in Haïti, convened in Port-au-Prince this Fri., Aug. 19, 2016,  at the seat of the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) (International Lawyers’ Bureau), at #3, 2eme Impasse Lavaud, Lalue, call for national and international solidarity of all the organisations, to take a stand and address the competent authorities, particularly the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the Office for the Protection of Citizens (OPC) and the General Prosecution to the National Police of Haïti (PNH), to demand that the backers and the perpetrators of Davidtchen Siméon’s killing be identified and condemned.

Down with the Occupation! Down with Barbary! Oust the MINUSTAH !

In defense of democracy, against barbary, for punishment of those responsible for the killing of our comrade Davidtchen Siméon.

Send your messages (with copies to the initial signatories) to:

Ministère de la Justice et de la sécurité publique (MJSP): Av. Charles-Summer 18, Port-au-Prince

Inspection Générale de la Police Nationale d’Haïti (PNH) : 07 Autoroute de Delmas (zone Delmas 2, Haïti)

L’Office Protecteur Citoyen (OPC): Ave. John Brown, Lalue (Port-au-Prince), tels (+ 509) 2940 3065/ 3702 0656, email :

Initial Signatures:

Confédération des Travailleurs des Secteurs Public et Privé (CTSP) :

Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI):

Syndicat National des travailleurs de l’Art (SYNTART) :

Mouvement des Étudiants pour Libérer Haïti (MELA) :

Résistance Benoit Batraville

Association des victimes du choléra de Boucan-Carré


USCPH-Union Syndicale des Constructeurs Professionnels d’Haïti – affiliée à la CTSP

Regroupement des victimes du choléra de Lachapelle : 3871 9112


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