New York: Commemoration of the 1953 Moncada Attack

Berthony Dupont giving a solidarity message from Haïti Liberté newspaper at the New York event commemorating the 65th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks. Credit: Edgar Lafond/Haïti Liberté

On Fri., Jul. 27 at the union local of the New York State Nurses Association in Manhattan, over 200 people turned out to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba. The event was entitled “The Spark of the Cuban Revolution.”

After a 6 p.m. reception, Ike Nahem of the New York-New Jersey Cuba Si Coalition began the rich political and cultural program at 7 p.m. by introducing the event’s co-chairs Claudia de la Cruz and Manolo de los Santos.

Ana Silvia Rodriguez, the Deputy Ambassador of Cuba’s Mission to the United Nations, was the first to speak, followed by a poetry presentation. Then Haïti Liberté’s director Berthony Dupont presented a solidarity message on behalf of the Haitian people.

His presentation was followed by Jorge Reyes, a counselor from the Venezuelan Mission to the United Nations. Then Estela Vazquez, 1199SEIU Vice President, gave a remarkable speech, referring to the Haiti’s 1804 revolution.

Ana Silvia Rodriguez, Deputy Ambassador at the Cuban Mission to the United Nations, speaking at the NYC event to mark the 65th anniversary of the Moncada attack. Credit: Edgar Lafond/Haïti Liberté

Also speaking were Gail Walker, the daughter of the late Rev. Lucius Walker and head of IFCO/Pastors for Peace, as well as Lourdes Garcia of the Coordinating Committee/Call to Action on Puerto Rico. Roger Calero of Socialist Workers Party (SWP) gave a report-back from 12th International May Day Conference/Brigade to Havana. José Luis Lopez of the FMLN (El Salvador) gave a report back from the Foro Sao Paulo in Havana.

Ben Ramos read a solidarity message from Ana Belen Montes of Prolibertad, and Catherine Rojas spoke for Solidarity for Peace in Colombia. There was also wonderful music and dance.

Audience at Jul. 27 Cuba event. Credit: Edgar Lafond/Haiti Liberté

Militants from many workers parties and Latin American organizations attended the event, including Marty Goodman of Socialist Action, Venezuelan activist William Camacaro, and delegations from of Workers World Party (WWP) and the Black Panther Party.

The following is the solidarity message from Haiti Liberté to the Cuban people:

Dear Friends and Comrades,

Sixty-five years ago, on July 26, 1953, Cuban revolutionaries, led by Fidel Castro, attacked the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba, while a simultaneous attack was carried out against the barracks of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in Bayamo. In doing so, they inaugurated a new chapter in the history of humanity.

Just as Haiti’s1804 revolution created a new independent nation and opened an era of Latin American revolutions, so the victory of the Cuban revolution in 1959 not only inspired minds but also remains a catalyst of reference for the social movements and revolutionary struggles that continue to emerge throughout Latin America and the world. The Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, ushering in 21st century socialism, is a concrete example!

From the first victory of the barbudos, during the attack on the La Plata barracks on January 17, 1957 to the triumphant entry of Fidel into Havana on January 8, 1959, it was, the July 26th Movement’s work, that would later flourish into the social advances, laws and decrees, mobilization of youth and women, consciousness of citizens, and choice of political system that would constitute the very essence of the Cuban Revolution and guarantee its durability.

The first free territory of the Americas is still the object of constant and growing hostilities, as well as countless and horrible acts of terrorism by the empire, that cannot stand the radical changes wrought by the Cuban Revolution, much less Cuba’s assertion of its sovereignty and choice of socialism as its system of government. But, Cuba’s citizens, buttressed by the July 26th movement’s moral strength, have been able to heroically resist all the empire’s assaults.

1199SEIU Vice President Estela Vasquez, a Dominican, spoke, referring to Haiti’s 1804 revolution.
Edgar Lafond/Haïti Liberté

It is the duty of all honest men and women, progressives and revolutionaries throughout the world, to continue to build the movement of support for the Cuban Revolution, which does not compromise with its principles. It defends them firmly, refuses to submit the United States’ imperialist interference, while pursuing its policy of generous and fraternal humanitarian aid to the world’s peoples, while at the same time ensuring its population’s well-being.

On behalf of the Haitian people, Haïti Liberté newspaper salutes the Cuban people for the glorious achievements of their revolution born of the ideals of July 26th and for the torch of liberation that they brandish even higher today. Like their doctors at the bedside of Haitians and many other people around the world, or their engineers who help us build power plants, their shining example inspires us today in our own struggle.

The Cuban Revolution has shown and continues to chart the way for other peoples struggling against U.S. imperialism.

We Haitians are at a moment in our history where we must choose a new Haiti. Tomorrow, July 28, will be the 103rd anniversary of the first U.S. military occupation of Haiti. Since then, Haiti has been under U.S. imperialist domination.

It is in the spirit of the Moncada assault that the Haitian people rose up on Jul. 6, 7, and 2018 against the IMF’s exploitative plan and the current U.S. puppet government in Haiti.

Thank you, Cuba, for the revolutionary vision of the July 26th Movement!
Long live the struggle of Haitian people!
Long live the solidarity between the Haitian and Cuban peoples!
¡Hasta la victoria siempre!


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