The Lasalin Massacre: Accident, gang rivalry, or a calculated political act?

Aerial view of Port-au-Prince’s shantytown of Lasalin... Credit: Hector Retamal

On Apr. 10, 2019, Haïti Liberté republished an abridged and edited version of the article titled above, originally written in Haitian Kreyòl for the newsletter Haiti Solidarity in February 2019. The original article was translated into English by the Haiti Action Committee.

Since Haïti Liberté did not write the article and was unable to verify some of the implications and statements made by the author, Haïti Liberté has taken down the article.

Haiti Liberté also specifically states that any and all of the statements in the aforesaid article referring to Edouard Baussan are unconfirmed, unfounded, and unsubstantiated, and to the best of Haiti Liberté’s knowledge incorrect and false.


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