Virginia Tech Company to Pay $31,000 to Settle ‘Whites Only’ Job Ad Complaint

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: May 28, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

    In a significant settlement, a Virginia-based tech company has agreed to pay $31,000 to resolve a complaint over a racially discriminatory job advertisement that specified a preference for “whites only.” The settlement, reached with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), highlights the ongoing challenges of combating discrimination in the workplace and underscores the need for vigilance in ensuring equal employment opportunities for all.

    The Allegations

    The case stems from a job advertisement posted by the tech company on an online job board in January 2024. The ad, seeking applicants for a software engineering position, explicitly stated a preference for candidates who were “white” or “Caucasian.” The discriminatory language drew swift condemnation and sparked outrage among civil rights organizations and advocacy groups.

    “The language used in the job advertisement was not only offensive but also illegal,” said EEOC regional attorney Lisa Thompson. “Employers have a legal obligation to provide equal employment opportunities to all individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity. Discrimination in hiring is not only morally wrong but also a violation of federal law.”

    Investigation and Resolution

    Following a complaint filed with the EEOC, the agency launched an investigation into the tech company’s hiring practices. The investigation found evidence to support the allegations of racial discrimination in the job advertisement, prompting the EEOC to take action.

    Under the terms of the settlement agreement, the tech company has agreed to pay $31,000 in monetary relief to the individual who filed the complaint. In addition, the company has committed to implementing measures to prevent future instances of discrimination in its hiring practices, including providing training to its employees on equal employment opportunity laws and revising its recruitment procedures to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

    Impact and Accountability

    The settlement serves as a reminder of the importance of holding employers accountable for discriminatory practices and ensuring that all individuals have equal access to employment opportunities. While progress has been made in combating workplace discrimination, incidents like this underscore the persistent challenges that remain in achieving true equality in the workplace.

    “Racial discrimination has no place in our society, and employers must be held accountable when they engage in discriminatory practices,” said EEOC district director James Williams. “The EEOC is committed to enforcing federal laws that prohibit discrimination in employment and ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and equitably in the workplace.”

    A Call for Vigilance

    As the tech industry continues to grow and evolve, advocates emphasize the importance of vigilance in addressing discrimination and promoting diversity and inclusion. Employers must remain vigilant in their efforts to prevent discrimination and create a workplace culture that values diversity and respects the rights of all employees.

    “While this settlement represents a step in the right direction, it is important to recognize that the fight against discrimination is ongoing,” said civil rights advocate Maria Rodriguez. “We must remain vigilant in our efforts to combat discrimination and ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities to succeed in the workplace, regardless of race, ethnicity, or any other characteristic.”


    The settlement between the tech company and the EEOC underscores the importance of enforcing anti-discrimination laws and holding employers accountable for discriminatory practices. As the tech industry continues to grapple with issues of diversity and inclusion, incidents like this serve as a reminder of the work that still needs to be done to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals in the workplace.