Verse observes Palmdale’s variety

    by Holfast Whitfoot
    Published: June 29, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

    PALMDALE — The fifteenth sonnet picked for show in Palmdale’s yearly Stroll on Words challenge commends the magnificence and flourishing of the city’s variety.

    Palmdale occupant Maria Caputo’s sonnet is currently an extremely durable piece of the scene of Sam Yellen Park, stepped in concrete and uncovered in a public function Thursday evening.

    The Stroll on Words Verse Challenge is an establishing part of the city’s Public Workmanship program, and is held every year in April.

    We’re committed to workmanship and articulation,” City chairman Genius Tem Richard Loa said during Thursday’s devotion.

    Councilmember Andrea Alarcón expressed gratitude toward every one of the members in the challenge, for their scholarly endeavors, yet in addition for taking a functioning interest locally.

    An understudy at Gazelle Valley School, Caputo is taking a verse class and plans to ultimately move to a four-year school, studying English. Before entering the Stroll on Words challenge, she composed verse just for herself.

    “I was truly stunned,” she said of winning the challenge. “I figured I would simply attempt it without assumptions.”

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