Vatican cricket crew heads to London for UK visit

    by Phoebe Aitken
    Published: June 29, 2024 (2 weeks ago)

    Coordinates with the Britain seniors and Lord Charles’ crew are on the plan for the Vatican cricket crew, which shows up in the UK on Friday.
    By Joseph Tulloch – Fiumicino Air terminal, Rome

    The Vatican cricket crew is in transit to London for its 10th ‘Light of Confidence’ visit.

    The current year’s version will see the Vatican take on the Britain Over 60s, St Mary’s College, and, in an exceptionally expected match at Windsor Palace, the Lord’s XI.

    Kinship, solidarity, trust
    This is the crew’s 10th ‘Light of Confidence’ visit since its development in 2014; past objections have included Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Kenya, Malta, Spain, and the UK.

    The point of the current year’s excursion is, as usual, to advance discourse and companionship between the Catholic Church and the host country. A post in the group’s virtual entertainment pages discusses “spreading the message of fellowship, solidarity, and gospel trust.”

    The accentuation is likewise on the way that the players, who are seminarians and clerics situated in Rome, are ‘envoys’ for the Catholic brotherhood.

    As the group’s chief, Fr Eamonn O’Higgins, reminded the group at a gathering in Rome preceding flight, they likely could be the main Catholic ministers that a considerable lot of those they collaborate with will at any point meet.

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