Vanessa Price Celebrates TODAY’s Dads with Creative Cocktail Creations

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 15, 2024 (1 month ago)

    In a delightful tribute to the fathers of TODAY, mixologist Vanessa Price has crafted a series of inspired cocktails that capture the essence of fatherhood and celebrate the diverse personalities of the beloved TV hosts. Known for her innovative approach to mixology, Price’s creations blend flavors and ingredients that reflect the unique qualities and interests of each dad.

    The initiative, which coincides with Father’s Day celebrations, aims to honor the hard work, dedication, and humor that define the fathers of TODAY. From savory to sweet, each cocktail is meticulously crafted to evoke memories and celebrate the joy of fatherhood.

    “Creating these cocktails was a labor of love,” Price shared enthusiastically. “I wanted to capture the essence of each dad’s personality and style, infusing each drink with flavors that resonate with their unique attributes.”

    Among the standout creations is the “Dad Joke Martini”, a playful concoction featuring a blend of citrus-infused vodka and a hint of elderflower liqueur, garnished with a twist of lemon peel. This cocktail pays homage to the lighthearted humor and quick wit of TODAY’s comedic dads.

    For the adventurous and outdoorsy dad, Price crafted the “Trailblazer Old Fashioned”, a robust blend of bourbon infused with smoked cedar and maple syrup, finished with a touch of aromatic bitters. This cocktail celebrates the spirit of exploration and resilience embodied by the adventurous dads of the morning show.

    “We wanted to create cocktails that not only taste great but also tell a story,” explained Price. “Each drink is a tribute to the dads who inspire us with their warmth, wisdom, and unwavering support.”

    The initiative has garnered enthusiastic responses from viewers and fans of TODAY, who appreciate the thoughtful and personalized approach to celebrating Father’s Day. Many have expressed excitement about trying the cocktails at home and sharing in the spirit of honoring fathers everywhere.

    “As a fan of TODAY, I love seeing the dads celebrated in such a creative way,” commented [Viewer Name]. “These cocktails are a fun and heartfelt tribute to the personalities we’ve grown to love on the show.”

    As Father’s Day approaches, Price’s inspired cocktail creations serve as a reminder of the joy of celebrating fatherhood and the impact of small gestures that honor the dads who enrich our lives. Through her craft, Price has not only created delicious drinks but also captured the spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the fathers of TODAY and beyond.

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