Vanessa Price Celebrates TODAY’s Dads with Crafted Cocktails: A Toast to Fatherhood

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 15, 2024 (1 month ago)

    Renowned mixologist Vanessa Price has stirred up a delightful tribute to the dads of TODAY with a series of inspired cocktails, each crafted to reflect the unique personalities and flavors that define fatherhood. In a special segment aired on the morning show, Price showcased her creativity and expertise, offering viewers a tantalizing glimpse into the art of mixology while celebrating the cherished role of fathers.

    The segment, titled “Cheers to TODAY’s Dads,” featured Price crafting a selection of cocktails tailored to match the distinct attributes of several beloved TODAY show hosts known for their paternal roles. From bold flavors to subtle nuances, each cocktail was meticulously designed to honor the essence of fatherhood and the personalities that embody it.

    “For Al Roker, I wanted to create something bold and classic, just like his warm and timeless presence on the show,” Price explained as she mixed ingredients with precision and flair. The resulting cocktail, named “Roker’s Remedy,” blended aged whiskey with a touch of ginger and a hint of maple syrup, reflecting Roker’s comforting and steadfast demeanor.

    Turning her attention to Carson Daly, Price crafted a cocktail dubbed “Daly’s Delight,” a refreshing concoction of citrus-infused vodka, elderflower liqueur, and a splash of sparkling water. The drink encapsulated Daly’s vibrant energy and affable charm, offering a crisp and uplifting taste experience.

    Vanessa Price’s imaginative tribute extended to other TODAY show hosts, including Craig Melvin and Willie Geist, with cocktails that captured their unique personalities and contributions to the morning broadcast. Melvin’s cocktail, “Melvin’s Melody,” featured a blend of muddled blackberries, bourbon, and a hint of mint, symbolizing his dynamic and engaging presence on air.

    For Willie Geist, Price crafted “Geist’s Gentleman,” a sophisticated mix of aged rum, vanilla bean syrup, and a touch of bitters, reflecting Geist’s eloquence and timeless appeal. Each cocktail served not only as a flavorful homage but also as a testament to the diverse talents and enduring camaraderie shared among the TODAY show family.

    As viewers tuned in to witness Vanessa Price’s creative process and sample her crafted cocktails from home, social media lit up with enthusiastic reactions and requests for recipes. “I can’t wait to try these cocktails! What a fun way to celebrate the dads of TODAY,” tweeted one viewer, capturing the sentiment of joy and appreciation sparked by Price’s tribute.

    In a final toast to the dads of TODAY and fathers everywhere, Vanessa Price’s inspired cocktails not only celebrated their individuality but also highlighted the universal bonds of love, dedication, and joy that define fatherhood. As viewers raise a glass to these crafted creations, they honor the enduring impact of dads who continue to inspire and uplift those around them, both on and off the screen.

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