Ukraine drone assault kills 5 in Russian boundary town

    by Henry Margarot
    Published: June 29, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

    A Ukrainian robot assault on a house in a Russian boundary town killed five individuals, including two kids, the territorial lead representative said Saturday.

    The robot hit a house in the town of Gorodishche, a little town in Russia’s Kursk district, only a couple of meters from the line with Ukraine.
    To our extraordinary anguish, five individuals were killed … counting two little kids. One more two individuals from the family are in a difficult condition,” Kursk lead representative Alexei Smirnov said in a post on Message.

    The assault was with a “copter”- style drone, he added, a little gadget that can be fitted to convey projectiles or different explosives that are dropped over targets.

    The two sides have utilized drones, including bigger self-exploding create with scopes of up to many kilometers, broadly all through the contention which started in February 2022.

    Ukraine has moved forward its assaults an on Russian area this year, focusing on both energy locales that it says fuel Russia’s military, as well as towns and towns directly across the border.Russian President Vladimir Putin sent off a significant new land hostile on Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv district last month in what he said was an activity to make a “cushion zone” and push Ukrainian powers back to shield Russia’s boundary Belgorod district from shelling.

    The Kursk district, where Saturday’s assault happened, lies further north, opposite Ukraine’s Sumy locale, which Kyiv controls.

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