Top 5 sites where you can watch movies for free with English subtitles

    by Soap2day
    Published: February 15, 2023 (1 month ago)

    This article tells you how to watch movies with English subtitles for free. Usually, watching movies with subtitles is a lot of fun, especially if the movie is narrated in a language other than English. But you need to find the right subtitle editor to download and add subtitles to movies before you can enjoy subtitles and captions. So, this post tells you about the best subtitle editor for Mac and Windows PCs. Even better, you’ll know where to go to watch movies with English subtitles on the best website. Let’s find out!

    5 best websites to watch movies online with subtitles

    1. MoviesJoy

    MoviesJoy is a great website where you can watch free movies with English or other popular language subtitles. Movie fans can watch more than 10,000 movies on this site with subtitles in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and other languages. Also, the speed of the movie can be changed and the captions can be turned on or off. As expected, MoviesJoy users can search for movies by popular categories like comedy, family, action, western, etc. And the best part is that you can download Full HD movies to watch when you’re not online. Just get used to seeing the ads.

    2. Movies123

    Movies123 is another great service that lets people watch movies online. It has thousands of fun movies to choose from. Here, you can watch movies and TV shows on your computer or phone in lossless UHD or HD quality. Users can stream movies in many different types, such as thriller, animation, comedy, action, and so on. You can also look for movies based on where they were made, such as Germany, France, Japan, the UK, and more. And yes, users can download Full HD movies to watch when they don’t have internet.

    3. Tubi

    If you don’t like the above sites for watching movies with subtitles, try Tubi. Tubi is a legal service that lets you watch over 20,000 movies and TV shows online for free. With it, you can stream movies by categories like most popular, comedy, action, animation, and many more. Free users can also stream movies in up to 720p quality and choose whether or not to play English subtitles. Also, Tubi users can change the font type and background of subtitles. All in all, it’s the closest thing you can get to Netflix.

    4. MoviehdKH

    You can also go to MoviehdKH to stream movies in Full HD quality from action, adult, thriller, and other genres. On this platform, users can switch between full-screen and picture-in-picture modes when streaming movies. This website to watch movies with free English subtitles is pretty limited, and that’s about it. For example, users can’t change the subtitles like they can on most of the other sites on this list. Also, the quality of the playback is not good. Also, there is no way to download it.

    4. Soap2day

    Soap2day is another best page to watch movies for free, just like Ant Man 2023, Creed 3, Demon Slayer 2023, Shazam 2023, John Wick 4, etc.