To Beat Trump, Biden ‘Must Have’ the Rust Belt — Plus Omaha

    by Tracie R. Cline
    Published: June 13, 2024 (4 weeks ago)

    As the 2020 United States presidential election draws near, strategists from both major political parties are closely scrutinizing battleground states and key demographics that could determine the outcome. Among these crucial regions, the Rust Belt, long considered a political bellwether, holds significant sway in shaping the electoral map. However, in an unexpected twist, another area has emerged as a potential linchpin in the race for the White House: Omaha, Nebraska.

    Historically, the Rust Belt states—comprising Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio—have played a decisive role in presidential elections, with their large working-class populations and industrial economies often shaping the political landscape. In 2016, Donald Trump’s victories in these states were instrumental in securing his path to the presidency, underscoring the region’s importance in determining electoral outcomes.

    For Democratic nominee Joe Biden, winning back the Rust Belt is seen as crucial to his electoral strategy. His campaign has focused heavily on appealing to blue-collar workers and disaffected voters in these states, promising to revitalize manufacturing industries and create jobs in struggling communities. Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda, which emphasizes infrastructure investment and clean energy initiatives, has resonated with many Rust Belt voters disillusioned by decades of economic decline.

    However, in a surprising twist, political analysts are also eyeing Omaha, Nebraska, as a potential battleground in the 2020 election. Nebraska’s unique electoral system, which awards one electoral vote to the winner of each congressional district in addition to two votes for the statewide winner, has put Omaha’s Second Congressional District in the spotlight.

    In 2008, Barack Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Nebraska’s Second Congressional District in over 40 years, thanks in part to strong support from suburban voters and communities of color. In 2016, Trump narrowly carried the district, but recent polling suggests that it could be up for grabs once again in 2020.

    For Biden, winning Omaha’s electoral vote could prove crucial in his quest for the White House, particularly if the race is as close as many analysts predict. With the Rust Belt states likely to be hotly contested battlegrounds, every electoral vote counts, and Omaha could provide Biden with a much-needed edge in a tight race.

    As the final days of the campaign unfold, both the Biden and Trump campaigns are devoting significant resources to winning over voters in the Rust Belt and Omaha. With the outcome of the election hanging in the balance, the race for these crucial electoral prizes has never been more intense, underscoring the importance of every vote in determining the future direction of the country.

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