The TODAY Plaza Celebrates 30 Years with a Limited-Edition Homesick Candle

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 15, 2024 (4 weeks ago)

    In a tribute to three decades of lively broadcasts and unforgettable moments, the TODAY Plaza is marking its 30th anniversary with a special commemorative gift: a limited-edition Homesick candle that captures the essence of the iconic gathering place.

    A Tribute to 30 Years of TODAY

    Since its inception in 1994, the TODAY Plaza has been the vibrant heart of NBC’s morning show, welcoming countless guests, celebrities, and fans who gather to share in the excitement of live television. From heartwarming surprises to musical performances and engaging interviews, the Plaza has witnessed it all, becoming a beloved symbol of community and connection.

    Capturing Memories in Scent

    To celebrate this milestone, Homesick, renowned for its evocative candles that capture the spirit of places and memories, has crafted a special edition candle inspired by the TODAY Plaza. The candle blends notes of fresh coffee, bustling city streets, and a hint of morning dew, encapsulating the energy and vibrancy that define the Plaza experience. Whether you’re reminiscing about memorable broadcasts or dreaming of being part of the lively crowd, this candle promises to transport you to the heart of Rockefeller Plaza.

    A Limited-Edition Keepsake

    Available exclusively for a limited time, the TODAY Plaza 30th Anniversary Homesick candle serves as a cherished keepsake for fans of the show and anyone who appreciates the magic of live television. Its design features the iconic TODAY logo and the unmistakable ambiance of the Plaza, making it a unique collector’s item that commemorates a milestone in television history.

    Celebrating with Style and Nostalgia

    “As we celebrate 30 years of the TODAY Plaza, we wanted to offer our viewers and fans a special way to relive their favorite moments,” said a spokesperson from TODAY. “The Homesick candle beautifully captures the essence of the Plaza, allowing everyone to bring a piece of its spirit into their homes.”

    Available for a Limited Time

    The TODAY Plaza 30th Anniversary Homesick candle is now available for purchase on the TODAY Show’s official website and select retailers. Priced at $35, it’s a thoughtful gift for enthusiasts of morning television, collectors of limited-edition memorabilia, and anyone who treasures the memories made in the iconic Plaza.

    Embrace the Spirit of the TODAY Plaza

    As the TODAY Plaza celebrates its 30th anniversary, the limited-edition Homesick candle invites viewers and fans to reminisce, celebrate, and create new memories inspired by decades of unforgettable moments. Whether lighting it during your morning routine or displaying it as a tribute to your favorite morning show, this candle embodies the spirit of community and joy that defines the TODAY Plaza experience.

    A Gift to Remember

    Whether you’re a longtime fan of TODAY or someone who appreciates the power of shared moments, the TODAY Plaza 30th Anniversary Homesick candle is a fitting tribute to a place that has touched the lives and hearts of millions. Join in the celebration and bring home a piece of television history with this exclusive commemorative candle.

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