Solar Innovator: Don’t Buy It Before Until You See Features [Scam or Legit?]

    by sichllpaul
    Published: January 5, 2024 (2 months ago)

    Imagine this instead: Solar Innovator stretches its circular form to capture sunlight in three dimensions, collecting it in a way that is different from the conventional flat arrangement found in your grandmother’s quilt. It can absorb more light than standard solar panels and generate power like it’s trying out for a Marvel film, making it the superhero of solar panels.Now, it all began with a brilliant idea and a little help from Mark, a father who needed to be able to run an oxygen machine in case of a power outage, and Craig, a former fighter in the solar sector who had had enough of the whole antics involved in the solar industry. Together with Mark, he came up with the idea for the Solar Innovator. It’s fantastic and brimming with possibility, like the lovechild of a brainstorming session with a solar-powered BBQ.Hold on, though—we’re not discussing some enormous, room-filling apparatus. Though not quite as large as Iron Man’s suit, the original prototype was nevertheless incredibly amazing. It was around the size of a pool ball. Now, the actual “aha” moment—or perhaps better phrased, “solar-powered LED moment”—came when they considered the possibility of expanding the design. That’s when the Solar Innovator as we know it was born, so cue the heroic music.

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