Saw it on TODAY? Watch Our Videos, Read Our Stories, and Find Callouts

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)

    For viewers who can’t get enough of the engaging segments, breaking news, and heartwarming stories featured on NBC’s “TODAY” show, there’s good news. The “TODAY” show offers an extensive array of resources online, making it easy to catch up on missed episodes, delve deeper into stories, and participate in viewer callouts. Here’s how you can stay connected and never miss a moment of your favorite morning show.

    Watch Our Videos

    Missed a live segment or want to rewatch a favorite moment? The “TODAY” show website and app provide a comprehensive video library that includes full episodes, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes content, and special features. Here’s what you can find:

    • Full Episodes: Relive the entire show with full episode replays, available shortly after they air.
    • Highlight Clips: Watch the best moments from each episode, including celebrity interviews, cooking demonstrations, and inspiring stories.
    • Special Segments: Explore in-depth segments on health, lifestyle, technology, and more, tailored to provide valuable information and entertainment.
    • Behind-the-Scenes: Get a glimpse of what happens behind the cameras with exclusive footage of the “TODAY” show team preparing for broadcast.

    Read Our Stories

    For those who prefer reading, the “TODAY” show’s website features a wealth of written content that complements the on-air programming. Here’s a snapshot of what you can explore:

    • News Articles: Stay updated with the latest news, from breaking headlines to in-depth analyses on current events.
    • Feature Stories: Dive into long-form articles that offer detailed insights into topics covered on the show, such as health trends, parenting tips, and personal finance advice.
    • Interviews: Read transcripts and highlights from interviews with celebrities, experts, and everyday heroes.
    • Recipes and DIY Guides: Find step-by-step instructions for recipes featured on the show, as well as DIY projects and home improvement tips.

    Find Callouts

    The “TODAY” show thrives on viewer interaction and participation. The website and social media channels regularly feature callouts, inviting viewers to share their stories, photos, and opinions. Here’s how you can get involved:

    • Share Your Story: Have a personal story that fits a theme or segment on the show? Submit your experience for a chance to be featured.
    • Photo Submissions: Participate in themed photo callouts, from holiday decorations to family milestones, and see your pictures showcased on-air or online.
    • Polls and Surveys: Voice your opinion on hot topics and trending stories by participating in interactive polls and surveys.
    • Contests and Giveaways: Enter exciting contests and giveaways for a chance to win exclusive prizes, from travel packages to “TODAY” show merchandise.

    How to Access

    To access all these features, simply visit the “TODAY” show’s official website or download the “TODAY” app available on both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, follow the “TODAY” show on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for real-time updates, live interactions, and additional content.

    Stay Connected with “TODAY”

    The “TODAY” show continues to be a leading source of news, entertainment, and lifestyle content, thanks to its dynamic blend of live programming and interactive online resources. Whether you’re catching up on missed episodes, reading up on fascinating stories, or participating in viewer callouts, there’s always a way to stay engaged and connected with the show.

    So, if you saw it on “TODAY,” you know where to go! Explore the rich library of videos, articles, and interactive features available online, and never miss a moment of your favorite morning show.