RFK Jr. Misses Deadline to Join Biden-Trump Debate Next Week

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 20, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

    In a surprising turn of events, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has missed the deadline to join the highly anticipated debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump scheduled for next week. This development has stirred the political landscape, leaving supporters and analysts speculating on the implications for his campaign.

    The Missed Deadline

    Kennedy, who has been running an independent campaign with a focus on environmental issues and civil liberties, was expected to bring a unique voice to the debate stage. However, his campaign failed to meet the necessary qualifications and submit the required paperwork by the official deadline set by the debate commission.

    “While we respect Mr. Kennedy’s campaign and his contributions to the political discourse, all candidates must adhere to the established guidelines and deadlines to participate in the debates,” said a spokesperson for the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).

    Campaign Reaction

    Kennedy’s campaign expressed disappointment but remained resolute. “We are deeply disappointed that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will not be on the debate stage next week,” said campaign manager Mary O’Connor. “Despite this setback, our campaign continues to gain momentum, and we will find alternative ways to bring our message to the American people.”

    Supporters of Kennedy have voiced their frustration on social media, criticizing the debate commission for what they perceive as inflexible and exclusionary policies. “This is a blow to democratic discourse,” tweeted one supporter. “Kennedy deserves to be heard, and the voters deserve to hear from all candidates.”

    Impact on the Debate

    The absence of Kennedy from the debate is likely to shift the dynamics of the event, which was set to be a historic face-off between the current president and his immediate predecessor. Analysts suggest that without Kennedy, the debate will focus more narrowly on the stark contrasts between Biden and Trump.

    “Kennedy’s presence would have introduced a different set of issues and viewpoints, potentially pushing both Biden and Trump to address topics they might otherwise avoid,” said political analyst Dr. Jane Anderson. “His absence means the debate will likely concentrate on more traditional partisan divides.”

    Biden and Trump Campaigns React

    The Biden and Trump campaigns have both acknowledged Kennedy’s absence, each suggesting it will play to their advantage.

    “We are prepared to discuss the pressing issues facing the country and to present President Biden’s vision for America’s future,” said a Biden campaign spokesperson. “The absence of additional voices allows for a clearer comparison between President Biden’s proven leadership and Trump’s chaotic tenure.”

    The Trump campaign, on the other hand, seized the opportunity to question the legitimacy of the debate process. “This is just another example of how the establishment tries to control the narrative,” said a Trump campaign representative. “We welcome all voices and believe the American people should hear from every candidate.”

    Future Prospects for Kennedy

    Despite this setback, Kennedy’s campaign remains determined to continue its push towards the November election. Plans are underway for a series of town halls and media appearances to compensate for the missed debate opportunity.

    “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will not be silenced,” said O’Connor. “We will continue to engage with voters directly, through grassroots efforts and innovative platforms.”


    The exclusion of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from next week’s debate is a significant development in an already tumultuous election season. While his absence reshapes the immediate debate landscape, it also highlights the challenges faced by independent candidates in navigating the established political framework.

    As Biden and Trump prepare for their head-to-head confrontation, the political spotlight remains intensely focused on the direction each intends to take the country. Meanwhile, Kennedy’s campaign will need to find new avenues to amplify its message and maintain its growing momentum in a highly competitive race.




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