NTD Evening News Full Broadcast Highlights (May 27, 2024)

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: May 28, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

    Pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered outside the home of University of California, Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman on Monday evening, demanding the university take a stronger stance on issues related to Palestinian rights. The protest, organized by the campus group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), drew a crowd of over 200 people, including students, faculty, and community members.

    A Call for Action

    The rally was sparked by recent events in the Middle East and aimed to draw attention to what protesters described as UC Irvine’s lack of adequate response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Protesters chanted slogans, held signs with messages such as “End the Occupation” and “Free Palestine,” and called for the university to divest from companies that they say profit from or support the Israeli military.

    “We are here to hold Chancellor Gillman and the administration accountable,” said SJP spokesperson Amina Youssef. “UC Irvine must stand in solidarity with Palestinians and take concrete actions, including divestment and public condemnation of human rights abuses.”

    Demands Presented

    During the protest, SJP leaders presented a list of demands addressed to Chancellor Gillman. These included:

    1. Immediate divestment from companies involved in the Israeli military-industrial complex.
    2. Establishment of scholarships and support services for Palestinian students.
    3. Hosting educational events on campus to raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle.
    4. Issuing a public statement condemning the recent violence against Palestinians.

    University’s Response

    In response to the protest, Chancellor Gillman released a statement acknowledging the demonstrators’ concerns and expressing a commitment to dialogue. “We respect the right of our students and community members to express their views and advocate for causes they believe in,” Gillman stated. “UC Irvine is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all voices can be heard. We are open to discussing these important issues with our student body.”

    Community Reactions

    The protest garnered mixed reactions within the UC Irvine community. Some faculty members and students expressed support for the demonstrators’ cause, emphasizing the importance of human rights and social justice.

    Professor Sarah Ahmed, a member of the Faculty for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, attended the rally and voiced her support. “It is crucial that academic institutions take a stand on global issues and support marginalized communities. The demands put forth by SJP are reasonable and deserve serious consideration.”

    However, others expressed concern about the approach taken by the protesters. “While I support the right to protest, targeting the Chancellor’s home feels invasive,” said student Michael Turner. “There are other ways to initiate dialogue and bring about change without making it personal.”

    Looking Forward

    The protest outside Chancellor Gillman’s home marks the latest in a series of actions by pro-Palestinian advocates on campuses across the United States, highlighting a growing movement among students to address international human rights issues through local activism.

    SJP has indicated that this protest is just the beginning of their efforts at UC Irvine. The group plans to hold additional rallies, educational events, and meetings with university officials to further their cause.

    “We will not stop until our voices are heard and our demands are met,” said Youssef. “This is about justice, equality, and standing up for what is right. We hope the university will join us in this fight.”

    As the situation develops, UC Irvine’s administration will need to navigate the complex dynamics of student activism, public pressure, and institutional policies. The outcome of this protest and the university’s response could set a precedent for how academic institutions address politically charged issues and student demands moving forward.


    The rally outside Chancellor Gillman’s home underscores the passionate advocacy of pro-Palestinian students and the challenges faced by university administrations in responding to calls for social and political action. As UC Irvine grapples with these demands, the broader implications for campus activism and university governance remain to be seen.