New Evidence: Baldwin Was Reckless with Gun Before ‘Rust’ Shooting, Prosecutors Say

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 20, 2024 (1 month ago)

    In a startling development in the ongoing investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of the film ‘Rust’, prosecutors have revealed new evidence suggesting that actor Alec Baldwin was reckless with firearms prior to the tragic incident that claimed the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

    The Allegations

    According to court documents filed by Santa Fe County prosecutors, Baldwin’s behavior with firearms on the set of ‘Rust’ prior to the October 2021 shooting was characterized as reckless and negligent. The documents allege that Baldwin had been observed handling and pointing firearms in an unsafe manner during rehearsals and other filming preparations.

    “This new evidence paints a troubling picture of Mr. Baldwin’s conduct with firearms leading up to the shooting,” said District Attorney Lisa Martinez. “It indicates a pattern of recklessness that contributed to the tragic loss of life on that fateful day.”

    Details from Witnesses

    Witness testimonies cited in the court documents describe multiple instances where Baldwin allegedly disregarded safety protocols while handling firearms. Several crew members and individuals present on the set reportedly expressed concerns about Baldwin’s handling of the weapon and raised alarms about safety risks.

    “One witness stated that Mr. Baldwin pointed a firearm directly at the camera lens without verifying it was unloaded,” Martinez explained. “Another witness reported seeing Baldwin casually waving the gun around without proper regard for safety precautions.”

    The court filings also indicate that these concerns were brought to the attention of production staff and safety officers on set, but corrective actions were allegedly not taken promptly or effectively.

    Legal Ramifications

    The revelation of this new evidence could have significant legal implications for Alec Baldwin, who has been at the center of scrutiny since the shooting occurred. Baldwin has maintained that he was not responsible for the live round being in the gun that he fired, which fatally wounded Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

    Legal experts suggest that the prosecution’s focus on Baldwin’s alleged recklessness with firearms could influence potential charges or legal proceedings moving forward. “Reckless conduct with firearms can potentially lead to charges of manslaughter or negligence, depending on the specific circumstances and evidence,” said legal analyst Mark Davidson.

    Baldwin’s Response

    A representative for Alec Baldwin did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the new allegations. Baldwin has previously expressed deep remorse over the shooting and has cooperated with authorities throughout the investigation.

    In a recent interview, Baldwin spoke about the incident, saying, “I would go to any lengths to undo what happened.” He described the shooting as a “one-in-a-trillion episode” and emphasized his commitment to supporting safety measures on film sets moving forward.

    Industry Reactions

    The ‘Rust’ shooting has prompted widespread discussions and reforms within the film industry regarding safety protocols and the use of firearms on set. Industry professionals and advocacy groups have called for stricter regulations and enhanced safety training to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

    “The safety of our crews and cast members must always be the top priority,” said John Davis, a spokesperson for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). “We must learn from this tragedy and take concrete steps to ensure that such incidents never happen again.”

    Looking Ahead

    As the legal proceedings continue, the focus remains on seeking justice for Halyna Hutchins and addressing the systemic issues that contributed to the ‘Rust’ shooting. The latest revelations about Baldwin’s alleged reckless behavior with firearms underscore the complexities and gravity of the case, leaving many questions about accountability and responsibility yet to be answered.


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