Mr. Blinken played basketball in Shanghai just a few minutes

    by taki
    Published: April 25, 2024 (1 month ago)

    The Beijing Cyclones teammate Henry Mu is sprinting to the corner for the ball, with his studs banging off the AstroTurf while he leaps to grab the ball.

    “I was awestruck to see American football on the field,” says Henry as He sighs. “It’s extremely tough both mentally and physically, so you have to overcome your fears.”

    In this sport, women and men participate in a group game that is more associated with Baltimore rather than Beijing.

    For a lot of Americans it is more than a sport it’s an manifestation of their identity as a nation. In the case of this Chinese team, it’s something completely new. There are just a handful of players from China however, there are millions of supporters.

    It’s exactly the kind of “people to people” interactions and connections that Beijing would like to establish in its relationship with the US in the midst of a time when two powerful superpowers compete to settle their turbulent relations.

    Since the President Xi Jinping visited San Francisco in November of last year, China has been keen in highlighting what it shares to share with the US and not focusing on the any differences.

    Beijing has also appeared to have softened its diplomacy in recent weeks as it attempts to lure foreign companies in order to boost its economic growth.

    In its own way on its part, the US has sent envoys more often to China and has signaled cooperation. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Shanghai for his second visit to China within an year. It comes on after two trips made by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

    The US describes it as “responsibly taking control of concurrence” to reduce the risk of “miscalculation or conflicts”, alike to a top State Department official speaking in the days leading towards Mr Blinken’s visit.

    But that doesn’t mean conversations are going to be smooth. It is true that the relations between China and the US have improved in recent times, however it’s a relationship that remains tense and full of doubt.

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    Mr. Blinken played basketball in Shanghai just a few minutes after he arrived.

    The plane of Mr. Blinken on Wednesday, was carrying reporters and official and the BBC and the BBC, sped away to Anchorage and zigzagged through the Pacific to the to the south of Russian territories and heading for the Chinese coastline to the north of Taiwan as well as the South China Sea – a map of the route that identifies flashpoints.

    The year before, a rumored Chinese spy balloon was spotted in the airspace of those frozen waters of Alaska which triggered an international emergency and an apex in the US-China relationship.

    In the hours that passed before Blinken made his way onto the tarmac in Shanghai in the afternoon, the US Senate approved a which provides a further $8 billion of aid for military operations to Taiwan, a country that President Biden has stated the US will defend in case of attack by China. The island is self-governed and is regarded by as its biggest ally the US as the biggest allies, is still ruled by China.

    It also included senators vote to block the popular social media application TikTok when it’s Chinese subsidiary, ByteDance, did not sell it in the next nine months.

    On her recent trip earlier in the month, Yellen has criticized China due to its capacity issues which resulted in low-cost Chinese products flooding into on the US market.

    China is averse to this development. They are seen as part and parcel of Washington’s efforts to contain the country economically as well as restrict it from its geo-political influence. US officials argue they believe that If China is seeking to have the threat of tariffs and sanctions to be lifted, or US accords with bilateral agreements eased China’s regional enemies and regional rivals, then Beijing must change its behavior.

    This Thursday, Blinken will inform the foreign minister Wang Yi that China needs to stop importing microchips and machine tools to Russia. The report says Moscow utilizes these devices as weapons to fight Ukraine. Beijing calls it an “groundless assertion” and believes it is American insincerity following the days when Washington provided millions of dollars in more deadly aid to Kyiv.

    Beijing is also announcing their own set of warnings for Washington. In the days prior to Blinken’s arrival the Chinese government released the long and firmly stated declaration that outlined what they were expecting from the discussions.

    Although relations are beginning to stabilize, “the United States continues moving forward with the plan of controlling China but continues to adopt incorrect words and actions that influence China’s internal affairs, degrade China’s image and threaten China’s goals. China is firmly opposed to such actions and has instituted tough anti-measures” alike to the statement.

    State media as well as Chinese academics have also been echoing this sentiment. “It is as if Blinken has come to give an ultimatum China. We won’t accept his demands and we will never compromise on our most important issues. “,” Li Haidong Professor in China Foreign Affairs University, China Foreign Affairs University, said to in the Global Times.

    Wang Yong from the School of International Relations at Peking University believes that the possibility of a “win-win relationship” is possible within the relations, however, he said that the US have the “wrong impression” regarding China and Washington must be the world more “goodwill”.