Let Seattle Swing Again: A Jazz Community’s Mission to Revive Its Local Scene

    by Patricia J. Griffing
    Published: May 25, 2024 (4 weeks ago)

    Once a thriving hub for jazz, Seattle’s musical landscape has seen a decline in recent decades. However, a dedicated coalition of musicians, venue owners, educators, and community leaders is determined to reignite the city’s jazz scene with the “Let Seattle Swing Again” initiative. This grassroots movement aims to restore Seattle’s reputation as a premier destination for live jazz, honoring its rich history while fostering a vibrant future for the genre.

    Reviving a Historic Legacy

    Seattle’s jazz scene flourished in the early 20th century, particularly along Jackson Street, which was home to a plethora of jazz clubs and legendary performances. The city nurtured the talents of icons like Ray Charles and Quincy Jones, establishing itself as a key player in the jazz world. Despite this illustrious past, many of these venues have since closed, and the scene has struggled to maintain its former glory.

    “We have a deep cultural heritage rooted in jazz,” said Dr. Wesley Hill, a music historian at the University of Washington. “Reviving this scene is about reconnecting with our roots and celebrating the diversity and creativity that jazz embodies.”

    The Birth of a Movement

    The “Let Seattle Swing Again” initiative was born out of a collective desire to rejuvenate Seattle’s jazz culture. Spearheaded by local musicians and supported by community leaders, the movement focuses on increasing performance opportunities, expanding jazz education, and engaging the community through music.

    “Our goal is to make jazz an integral part of Seattle’s cultural fabric once again,” explained Lisa Thompson, a saxophonist and one of the initiative’s co-founders. “We want to create more spaces for musicians to perform and for people to experience the joy of live jazz.”

    Expanding Performance Spaces

    A key component of the initiative is collaborating with local venues to host regular jazz events. Renowned spots like Tula’s Restaurant & Jazz Club and The Royal Room are leading the charge, while new venues are also joining the movement. Even The Crocodile, a venue traditionally known for rock music, has introduced a weekly jazz night.

    “Live music is essential to the vitality of any music scene,” said Joe McDaniel, owner of The Royal Room. “By dedicating more nights to jazz, we’re supporting artists and creating a vibrant cultural experience for the community.”

    Empowering Through Education

    Education is a cornerstone of the “Let Seattle Swing Again” initiative. The Seattle JazzED program has expanded its reach, offering free workshops, masterclasses with renowned jazz musicians, and scholarships for young talent. These efforts aim to cultivate the next generation of jazz artists and enthusiasts.

    “Investing in youth education ensures the longevity of jazz in our city,” said Kelly Clancy, Executive Director of Seattle JazzED. “We’re providing opportunities for young musicians to learn, grow, and carry forward the legacy of jazz.”

    Community Engagement and Events

    Community engagement is at the heart of the initiative. Events like the Seattle Jazz Walk, which features simultaneous performances across various neighborhoods, aim to immerse the city in the sounds of jazz. Pop-up concerts in public spaces, such as parks and markets, bring music to a wider audience and foster a sense of community.

    “The Jazz Walk was an incredible experience,” said Mark Harris, a local resident. “It felt like the whole city was alive with music. It’s a fantastic way to bring people together and celebrate jazz.”

    Support from City Leaders

    Recognizing the cultural and economic benefits of a vibrant jazz scene, the City of Seattle has pledged its support. Mayor Bruce Harrell announced plans to provide grants for music venues and artists, along with funding for public jazz festivals.

    “Jazz is a vital part of Seattle’s identity,” Mayor Harrell stated. “We are committed to supporting efforts that enrich our cultural landscape and bring people together through music.”

    Looking to the Future

    With growing momentum, the future looks bright for Seattle’s jazz revival. Upcoming events include the return of the Seattle Jazz Festival, featuring both local and international artists, and the launch of an annual competition for young jazz musicians.

    “We’re just getting started,” said Lisa Thompson. “The community’s enthusiasm has been incredible, and there’s so much potential for growth. We’re excited to see how we can continue to expand and sustain this movement.”


    The “Let Seattle Swing Again” initiative is more than just a revival of a music genre; it’s a celebration of community, culture, and creativity. By increasing performance opportunities, enhancing education, and fostering community engagement, this dedicated group is ensuring that the vibrant sounds of jazz will once again resonate throughout Seattle, honoring its rich history while building a promising future.