Lady charged in father’s passing disregards bond, stays away from prison

    by Minto Rumble
    Published: June 29, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

    GLASGOW — A lady accused of homicide in her dad’s passing barely tried not to get back to prison Friday after an appointed authority found that she disregarded the states of her bond.

    Cheryl Leighanne Bennett, 47, of Glasgow, showed up in Fruitless Circuit Court on a movement to repudiate the bond in her lawbreaker case.

    Bennett is blamed for causing the passing of 75-year-old Michael Logsdon, who kicked the bucket July 9, 2022, at his home in Glasgow.

    Specialists suspect Bennett and her mom, Donna Logsdon, 72, of altering Michael Logsdon’s bilevel positive aviation route pressure (BiPap) machine, which he utilized as a breathing guide while burdened with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, a degenerative nerve infection.

    Donna Logsdon is additionally accused of homicide and has argued not blameworthy.

    Bennett spent around five months in prison while the homicide argument against her has been forthcoming and is presently under home detainment.

    Unique Examiner Blake Chambers looked to have Bennett’s bond denied, refering to two positive medication tests on May 2 and May 9 that showed the presence of methamphetamine in her framework, with one of the tests additionally showing the presence of amphetamines, which might demonstrate the separating of methamphetamine that had been recently ingested.

    Preceding Friday’s hearing, Bennett showed up under the watchful eye of the court multiple times on bond infringement, prompting her being endorsed two times and coordinated to go to a medication recovery office and an earlier disavowal in October that brought about her being imprisoned for a considerable length of time until her security was changed to home detainment.

    Chambers contended Friday that Bennett’s different positive medication tests over the pendency of the homicide case support her bond being repudiated.

    “We’re here today since Ms. Bennett can’t quit utilizing meth,” Chambers expressed, showing up over Zoom. “At the point when someone utilizes meth they’re committing a lawful offense while they’re making it happen … on the off chance that this was the principal goof, it very well may be an alternate matter.”

    William Fuller, proprietor of You Turn Medication Testing Administration, which keeps up with Bennett’s lower leg screen, affirmed for the arraignment.

    Fuller said that Bennett gave two pee tests as a component of her court-requested concentrated short term treatment program to a taking part medical services supplier, which were then shipped off a lab for examination that showed measures of meth well over the end level to demonstrate a positive test.

    Fuller said that his organization has records on document of Bennett’s physician endorsed meds, which can be surveyed with an end goal to decide if a medication test created a misleading positive outcome.

    Addressed by Bennett’s lawyer, John Olash, Fuller said that his organization was furnished with a refreshed email of Bennett’s most recent routine of physician endorsed meds on May 24, around fourteen days after the positive medication tests.

    Desolate Circuit Judge John Alexander eventually decided that Bennett abused the conditions of her bond, and Olash contended for Bennett to stay detained at home.

    Olash said that Bennett and Donna Logsdon live respectively and that she has gone about as Logsdon’s guardian since a new fall outside her home sent her to the clinic.

    “(Prison) wouldn’t simply punish Ms. Bennett, it would be a serious punishment to her mom, who is struggling,” Olash said. “I simply figure detainment would be unduly corrective.”

    Chambers said that he proposed to pull out the security repudiation movement assuming Bennett would confess in a different case in which she is accused of first-degree ownership of a controlled substance and consent to be put waiting on the post trial process, yet Bennett declined the proposition.

    However Alexander found that Bennett abused the particulars of her bond, he communicated hesitance to imprison her.

    “I never need to get into a circumstance where this individual is bringing me hardship, so we should simply stick them in prison and disregard them until the preliminary occurs, when we don’t have a preliminary date set,” Alexander said. “I figure I would lead to additional issues than I would tackle in the event that I said ‘you will imprison today’ … you completed five months as of now and that is in excess of an individual would do on a first offense for ownership of a controlled substance probably.”

    Alexander forewarned Bennett that another bond infringement would provoke him to have her arrested and held in prison until a bond renouncement hearing could occur.

    “Try not to accept this as ‘I have full power to follow through with something,’ ” Alexander said. “The following positive test won’t be dealt with the way this one has been.”

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