jenna Bush Hager Unveils Top Beach Reads, Featuring ‘Queenie,’ ‘The Measure,’ and ‘A Love Song for Ricki Wilde’

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 27, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

    As summer unfolds and beach towels beckon, Jenna Bush Hager, renowned for her literary tastes, has curated a list of must-reads that promise to captivate under the sun. Among her top picks are three standout novels that traverse the realms of love, identity, and personal transformation.

    Leading the pack is Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams, a poignant exploration of a young Jamaican-British woman navigating life, love, and her own self-worth amidst contemporary London’s complexities. Bush Hager praises Carty-Williams’ deft narrative style, noting how Queenie unfolds with raw honesty and humor, making it a compelling choice for beachside introspection.

    Next on the list is The Measure by Tara Westover, acclaimed for her memoir Educated. In this debut novel, Westover weaves a tale of family ties and the quest for redemption in the rugged landscapes of Idaho. Bush Hager lauds Westover’s ability to transport readers into a world where past wounds and future hopes collide, making The Measure a gripping addition to any summer reading list.

    Rounding out the trio is A Love Song for Ricki Wilde by Lara Lillibridge, a novel that resonates with themes of self-discovery and the enduring power of music. Set against the backdrop of Detroit’s vibrant music scene, Lillibridge’s narrative shines as it explores the transformative journey of a young woman finding her voice amidst personal and professional challenges. Bush Hager highlights Lillibridge’s lyrical prose and heartfelt storytelling, making A Love Song for Ricki Wilde a melodic choice for those seeking both depth and melody in their beachside reads.

    In addition to these standout selections, Bush Hager includes several bonus picks, ensuring there’s something for every reader seeking literary escape this summer. From tales of resilience to narratives of love and loss, her recommendations promise to transport readers into worlds rich with emotion and intrigue.

    As readers flock to beaches and poolsides, Jenna Bush Hager’s curated list serves as a literary compass, guiding towards stories that entertain, enlighten, and resonate long after the sand has been brushed away. Whether delving into the complexities of identity or savoring the harmonies of love and music, these novels promise to make this summer a season of unforgettable reading experiences.


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