Guerrilla marketing New York

    by love creative marketing usa
    Published: May 15, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
    United States

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    One recent example of a successful PR stunt in New York City was the activation created by the ice cream brand Van Leeuwen. In celebration of National Ice Cream Day, the company parked an ice cream truck in Times Square and offered free ice cream to passersby. This simple and fun activation generated a lot of attention on social media and created a positive association with the brand.

    Another example of a successful guerrilla marketing campaign in New York City was the promotion created by the dating app Bumble. The company placed a giant beehive-shaped structure in the middle of Rockefeller Center, which served as a pop-up lounge for people to hang out and take pictures. This activation created a unique and Instagram-worthy experience for users, while also promoting the brand’s message of female empowerment.

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