Fit Bites BHB Gummies (Scam or Legit) Burn Excessive Fat and Side Effects!

    by fitbitesbhbgummiesus
    Published: October 27, 2023 (1 month ago)

    Fit Bites BHB Gummies seeks to assist fat burning and reset the body’s “leptin clock” to promote effective weight loss. This product, which consists of two supplements, Fit Bites BHB Gummies Day and Fit Bites BHB Gummies Night, uses particular ingredients to enhance metabolic processes. LIPOFUEL, a proprietary chili powder extract that helps reduce fat cells and raise leptin levels, is one of the main ingredients in Fit Bites BHB Gummies Day[6].


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    However, unlike Fit Bites BHB Gummies Day, Fit Bites BHB Gummies Night does not include the green tea extract. Rather, melatonin—a hormone that promotes leptin function—is featured in it[3]. Blue light from screens suppresses melatonin, although melatonin reverses this effect[4]. Additionally, melatonin can increase metabolism and encourage weight loss at night[5].