Fire safety plan

    by Webspider12
    Published: May 10, 2023 (3 weeks ago)
    United Kingdom

    Keep your building and occupants safe with our Fire safety plan, including fire evacuation diagrams and detailed fire strategy plans for your premise information boxes.

    Does Your Business Have One?

    Fire evacuation plans should be provided in buildings where the escape route may not be obvious to the occupants and those unfamiliar with the building layout.

    Fire Alarm CAD can produce your fire evacuation plans in accordance to BS23601.

    We produce accurate plans for businesses across the United Kingdom everyday and designed to your specific requirements.

    From your simple sketches we produce easy to understand diagrams showing your building layout in CAD software.

    We include all key information like the primary & secondary escape routes, fire extinguishers, fire alarm points & refuge/assembly points ect.

    All information is colour coordinated for ease of use and a key displayed on all plans for navigation.

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    T: 07415225468