Celebrating Pride Month: Six Must-Read Books Recommended by Read With Jenna’s Steven Rowley

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 15, 2024 (4 weeks ago)

    As Pride Month unfolds, literature becomes a beacon of celebration and reflection, offering readers a profound opportunity to explore LGBTQ+ stories and voices. Steven Rowley, a prominent figure in Read With Jenna, has curated a compelling list of six must-read books that encapsulate the essence of Pride Month. From heartfelt memoirs to groundbreaking fiction, these selections promise to inspire, educate, and entertain readers of all backgrounds.

    1. “The Prophets” by Robert Jones Jr.

    At the heart of Steven Rowley’s recommendations is “The Prophets” by Robert Jones Jr., a powerful debut novel that delves into love, slavery, and the resilience of the human spirit. Set on a plantation in the antebellum South, the novel weaves together the lives of two enslaved young men whose deep bond defies the oppressive forces surrounding them. With lyrical prose and profound insight, Jones Jr. explores themes of identity, desire, and the enduring quest for freedom.

    2. “Detransition, Baby” by Torrey Peters

    Torrey Peters’ “Detransition, Baby” offers a bold and insightful exploration of gender, parenthood, and relationships. Rowley highlights this novel for its sharp wit and empathetic portrayal of its characters, navigating the complexities of transitioning, detransitioning, and unexpected pregnancy. Through its nuanced storytelling, Peters challenges conventional norms and invites readers to contemplate the fluidity of identity and the pursuit of authenticity.

    3. “The Guncle” by Steven Rowley

    Steven Rowley’s own novel, “The Guncle,” earns a place on this list for its poignant exploration of family, grief, and the transformative power of love. Rowley’s narrative follows a former sitcom star, Patrick, who becomes an unexpected caregiver to his niece and nephew after a family tragedy. With humor and heart, “The Guncle” celebrates the joys and challenges of unconventional family dynamics while affirming the bonds that transcend blood relations.

    4. “Real Life” by Brandon Taylor

    “Real Life” by Brandon Taylor emerges as a standout recommendation for its raw honesty and incisive portrayal of race, sexuality, and academia. Set against the backdrop of a Midwestern university campus, Taylor’s novel follows Wallace, a young Black graduate student navigating interpersonal dynamics, self-discovery, and the complexities of desire. Rowley praises Taylor’s narrative prowess in illuminating the intersections of identity and intimacy with unflinching clarity.

    5. “The Prettiest Star” by Carter Sickels

    Carter Sickels’ “The Prettiest Star” captures the resilience and courage of individuals facing the early days of the AIDS epidemic in 1980s rural America. Rowley applauds Sickels’ compassionate storytelling, which centers on Brian, a gay man who returns home to confront stigma, loss, and the enduring bonds of love and acceptance. Through its evocative prose and poignant reflections, “The Prettiest Star” offers a poignant reminder of community, compassion, and the enduring fight for dignity.

    6. “The Confessions of Frannie Langton” by Sara Collins

    Rounding out the list is Sara Collins’ “The Confessions of Frannie Langton,” a gripping historical novel that challenges perceptions of race, power, and identity in 19th-century London. Rowley highlights Collins’ narrative craftsmanship in depicting Frannie Langton, a Jamaican servant accused of murder, whose life unravels amidst forbidden love and societal prejudice. Through Frannie’s haunting voice, Collins explores themes of agency, justice, and the pursuit of truth in a world defined by inequality.

    A Celebration of Diversity and Resilience

    As readers delve into these six remarkable books recommended by Steven Rowley for Pride Month, they embark on a journey of empathy, understanding, and discovery. Each selection offers a unique perspective on LGBTQ+ experiences, inviting readers to celebrate diversity, confront challenges, and embrace the universal quest for identity and acceptance. Whether exploring historical contexts, contemporary realities, or imaginative realms, these books enrich the literary landscape with their profound narratives and enduring messages of hope.

    Join the Conversation

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