Cast Your Vote in the Inaugural TODAY Bestsellers: Viewers’ Choice Poll!

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 15, 2024 (1 month ago)

    TODAY is excited to announce its inaugural Bestsellers: Viewers’ Choice poll, inviting audiences to participate in a celebration of literature and community. From riveting novels to inspiring memoirs and captivating children’s books, this poll showcases the diversity and popularity of books that have resonated with readers across the globe.

    “We’re thrilled to launch the TODAY Bestsellers: Viewers’ Choice poll, giving our audience a voice in celebrating their favorite books,” shared Sarah Collins, TODAY’s Executive Producer. “This poll reflects our commitment to highlighting books that inspire, entertain, and connect people from all walks of life.”

    The poll features a curated selection of books across various genres, curated based on their popularity and impact. Viewers are invited to vote for their favorite books, sharing their enthusiasm and recommendations with fellow book lovers.

    “Books have the power to transport us, educate us, and ignite our imaginations,” remarked Jenna Smith, a literature enthusiast. “The TODAY Bestsellers poll is a wonderful opportunity for readers to discover new authors and genres while celebrating their longtime favorites.”

    Audience members can participate in the poll by visiting the TODAY website or accessing the poll through TODAY’s official social media channels. The voting process is designed to be simple and accessible, allowing readers to support their preferred books with just a few clicks.

    “We’ve seen tremendous interest and engagement from our viewers as they eagerly vote for their top picks,” noted Emma Parker, a book critic and TODAY contributor. “It’s inspiring to see the passion and excitement our audience has for books that have touched their lives.”

    In addition to showcasing bestselling titles, the poll also serves as a platform to highlight emerging authors and diverse voices in literature. “We’re committed to promoting inclusivity and representation in our book selections,” added Collins. “The TODAY Bestsellers poll reflects our dedication to celebrating the richness and diversity of the literary world.”

    As the voting period continues, anticipation is building among authors, publishers, and readers alike to see which books will emerge as the top favorites in the TODAY Bestsellers: Viewers’ Choice poll. The results will be announced in a special segment on TODAY, where viewers can learn more about the winning books and the impact they’ve had on readers worldwide.

    “Books are a universal language that connects us all,” concluded Smith. “I’m excited to see which titles resonate most with our community and discover new reading treasures along the way.”

    With the TODAY Bestsellers: Viewers’ Choice poll, TODAY celebrates the power of storytelling and invites audiences to engage in a celebration of literature that inspires, entertains, and enriches lives. By casting their votes, viewers are not only supporting their favorite books but also contributing to a vibrant literary conversation that spans across generations and cultures

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