Boxing Promoter Don King Endorses Trump for President, Sparks Controversy

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: May 9, 2024 (2 weeks ago)

    In a surprising turn of events, renowned boxing promoter Don King has officially endorsed Donald Trump for President in the upcoming election, citing the President’s support for minority communities and economic policies. The endorsement has stirred a mixture of reactions from both political and sporting circles.

    King, famously known for promoting some of the biggest boxing matches in history, made his endorsement public during a press conference held at the Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida. Speaking passionately to a room of reporters and supporters, King praised Trump’s leadership, particularly his efforts in criminal justice reform and job creation.

    “Don King is a man who understands what it takes to win, and I believe in winners. Donald Trump is a man who gets things done,” declared King, donning his signature electric hair and exuberant attire. He went on to highlight Trump’s policies as beneficial to African American communities, emphasizing the importance of job opportunities and second chances for former inmates.

    However, King’s endorsement has not come without controversy. Many critics have pointed out Trump’s divisive rhetoric and policies that have alienated various minority groups, questioning King’s rationale for supporting the President.

    Civil rights activists and some members of the boxing community have expressed disappointment and confusion over King’s decision. Reverend Al Sharpton, a prominent civil rights leader, responded to the endorsement by stating, “Don King’s endorsement of Donald Trump does not reflect the views of the majority of African Americans, who have been adversely affected by this administration’s policies.”

    Meanwhile, within the boxing world, reactions have been mixed. While some former fighters and colleagues of King have shown support, others have distanced themselves from the endorsement, choosing to remain neutral or openly critical of King’s decision.

    This endorsement from Don King adds a new layer to the political landscape as the election cycle heats up. Trump’s campaign team has welcomed King’s endorsement as a sign of broad support, particularly among African American voters, despite polling data showing Trump’s approval ratings among this demographic group as relatively low.

    As the news of Don King’s endorsement continues to reverberate, the discussion around the intersection of sports, politics, and race intensifies. With the election drawing nearer, King’s bold endorsement may influence both the sporting and political arenas, leaving a lasting impact on the narrative surrounding this highly contested election year.–e538609d2a61338c8a67078ef1e8a502–9311c8e6bc603e81a12d2019ea41fdd2–b1d7bf0366c83712bf4f4da73800a6b8