: Adele Hits Back at Heckler Who Shouted ‘Pride Sucks’ at Her Concert: ‘Shut Up’

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 3, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

    the globally renowned singer-songwriter, is known for her powerful voice and emotional performances. However, during a concert in Los Angeles on Saturday night, she also demonstrated her commitment to inclusivity and respect, taking a firm stand against intolerance.

    While performing at the Hollywood Bowl as part of her ongoing world tour, Adele faced an unexpected disruption when a heckler shouted “Pride sucks” from the audience. The comment came during her introduction to “Someone Like You,” a song she dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community in honor of Pride Month.

    Visibly shocked, Adele paused her performance and addressed the audience. “Who said that?” she asked, scanning the crowd. “Seriously, who said that? Pride is a celebration of love, acceptance, and being true to yourself. If you can’t support that, you’re not welcome at my show. Shut up.”

    The audience erupted in applause and cheers, supporting Adele’s stance. “We don’t tolerate hate here,” she continued. “This is a place for everyone to feel safe and loved.”

    Adele’s swift and decisive response has been widely praised on social media and by public figures, with many applauding her for using her platform to stand up against discrimination. Fans have shared clips of the incident, which quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and sparking discussions about the importance of supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

    “Adele is a queen for this,” tweeted one fan. “She always stands up for what’s right, and that’s why we love her.”

    This incident is not the first time Adele has publicly shown her support for LGBTQ+ rights. She has long been an advocate for the community, frequently expressing her solidarity and using her influence to promote equality and acceptance. During her 2016 world tour, she dedicated her concert in Antwerp to the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting, delivering a heartfelt tribute that moved many to tears.

    In an interview following the Los Angeles concert, Adele elaborated on her decision to address the heckler. “It’s important to me that my concerts are a safe space for everyone,” she said. “I won’t stand by and let hateful comments go unchecked. Love is love, and everyone deserves to be celebrated for who they are.”

    Her remarks have resonated deeply with fans and advocates alike. GLAAD, an organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ advocacy, released a statement commending Adele’s actions. “Adele’s response to hate speech at her concert is a powerful reminder of the role artists can play in promoting acceptance and love. We thank her for standing with the LGBTQ+ community and for her unwavering support.”

    As Adele continues her tour, she remains committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect. Her message to fans is clear: hate has no place in her world, and love will always triumph.

    The incident has further solidified Adele’s reputation not just as a talented artist but also as a fierce advocate for equality. As she closed her Los Angeles show with a rousing rendition of “Rolling in the Deep,” the crowd’s energy was palpable, unified in their support for the singer who had once again proven that her voice resonates far beyond her music.