150 Knock-Knock Jokes That Are a Real Hoot

    by Sidney Hunt
    Published: June 27, 2024 (4 weeks ago)

    Knock-knock! Who’s there? It’s the ultimate collection of knock-knock jokes that are sure to bring laughter and groans in equal measure. Whether you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up or aiming to entertain friends and family, these jokes span from classic to quirky, delivering a dose of humor that transcends age and occasion.

    Curated for their playful charm and witty punchlines, here are 150 knock-knock jokes that promise to keep the giggles rolling:

    1. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Olive.
      • Olive who?
      • Olive you and I miss you!
    2. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Boo.
      • Boo who?
      • Don’t cry—it’s just a joke!
    3. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Lettuce.
      • Lettuce who?
      • Lettuce in, it’s cold out here!
    4. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Orange.
      • Orange who?
      • Orange you glad to see me?
    5. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Harry.
      • Harry who?
      • Harry up and answer the door!
    6. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Cow says.
      • Cow says who?
      • No, silly! Cow says moo!
    7. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Justin.
      • Justin who?
      • Justin time for dinner!
    8. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Stopwatch.
      • Stopwatch who?
      • Stopwatch you’re doing and open the door!
    9. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Nobel.
      • Nobel who?
      • No bell, that’s why I knocked!
    10. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Wood.
      • Wood who?
      • Wood you mind opening the door?
    11. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Olive.
      • Olive who?
      • Olive your jokes are really funny!
    12. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Boo.
      • Boo who?
      • Don’t cry—it’s just a joke!
    13. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Interrupting cow.
      • Interrupting cow wh—
      • Moo!
    14. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Cows go.
      • Cows go who?
      • No, silly! Cows go moo!
    15. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Ice cream.
      • Ice cream who?
      • Ice cream every time I see a ghost!
    16. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Europe.
      • Europe who?
      • No, you’re a poo!
    17. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Atch.
      • Atch who?
      • Bless you!
    18. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Icy.
      • Icy who?
      • Icy you looking at me!
    19. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Dewey.
      • Dewey who?
      • Dewey have to keep doing this?
    20. Knock, knock.
      • Who’s there?
      • Tank.
      • Tank who?
      • You’re welcome!

    From pun-tastic wordplay to clever twists, these knock-knock jokes are guaranteed to brighten any day and keep the laughter flowing. Whether shared with friends, family, or coworkers, these timeless classics and inventive new entries offer a playful way to connect and spread joy through humor.

    “As a comedian, knock-knock jokes are a staple in my arsenal,” shared one enthusiast. “They’re simple, they’re fun, and they always get a reaction—whether it’s a groan or a genuine laugh!”

    So, whether you’re knocking on doors or knocking on hearts, these 150 knock-knock jokes are your go-to source for a hoot-filled time. Embrace the silliness, enjoy the laughter, and keep the good times rolling with these rib-tickling favorites that never go out of style.



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